Autism is Evolution

By a loving mother with a sense of humor

It’s my belief that kids with autism are the next step towards evolution. Think about this: the world we live in, and the way things are set up, are not for us anymore. Kids with Autism have more skills to survive this modern world than anyone else within our species. I will give you some examples of my reasoning, but please also chat with me in the comment section. I love to hear your opinions – keep in mind this is a comic and provocative commentary; I am by no means a scientist.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
We live in world where AI is taking over.  McDonald’s has electronic ordering booths, Walt-Mart has self-pay stations, and really very soon, we will have self-driving cars.  Who would fit great in an environment crowded with AI? Would this technology benefit anybody with motor delays and a great love of technology? Would they be called motor delays if those abilities will no longer be needed in the near future? toothbrushWhat if I don’t need to know how to button a shirt or brush my teeth? What if voice commands or even my thoughts were all I needed? Check out for example this “toothbrush that brushes your teeth automatically in just 10 seconds”, or think about the new shoelaces that just require a clip, pull and done. It’s a great time to have evolved into autism!

Social Media and Dating
Socializing is out! Yes, we don’t socialize like we used to. Now, we have lists of friends, with all their info, pictures, and a logarithm that remind us their birthdays. If I had autism, this would be a perfect world for me, or do we think social media is going to wind down in the near future? I believe Facebook was tailored for somebody with autism, and YouTube! Oh my! Imagine all the repetitive behaviors we can let loose! No need for therapy – just kidding; we love our wonderful therapist!

Relationships have evolved too. It used to begin by meeting a person and getting lost in their eyes while hoping he/she is not a psycho. Now days, we look thru huge databases of “verified” identities where we are matched according to compatibility, economical status, religion, politics, activity level, etc. to then meet in person knowing that he or she could very well be the one (well you already know I’m exaggerating just a little). Most of the socialization part is already done by the time we meet in person, the guess work and trying to figure out this person’s intentions or anticipating cause and effect is simplified at least a great deal. Don’t get me wrong, there is always the weirdo, but in general dating has become a lot more “autistic friendly”. How about reproduction? Petri dishes, rented wombs? If I had autism and did not enjoy physical contact, this could be perfect for me.

We all try to exercise and “fight” our current life styles to stay young, healthy, active, etc. I mean look at us! We need it! Technology (and cheesecake) has almost driven us into a state of hibernation. We are not moving, therefore, we keep gaining weight, losing bone density, etc. We have everything available within our fingertips bla bla bla you know the rest…. However! What if there was a body type designed not to gain weight and therefore survive a lifestyle change driven by a surge in technology? Has
“The geek” generation always been low muscle tone picky eaters with autism who body tonehave gone “under the radar”? Are they perhaps on the right path to survival? Are they prepared to just sit on a computer with bad posture all the time without having the same side effects that we have? Don’t cancel your physical therapy sessions yet! We still have many years in the future to be able to prove my hypothesis; I’m just throwing a couple of crazy theories out there.

Eye Contact
This could very well be the number one trade mark of autism, but if you think about the future and where things are going – even today, we might not need eye contact at all. We all communicate by text – not even by phone! Will we need eye contact if we work in cubicles all day, and then go home to our web-matched partner who is also glued to the phone texting us “how was your day”? I’m going by what I see. Are we sitting at a round table for dinner, or are we eating in front of the TV? See! No need for eye contact. Think about our beautiful angels with autism who will fit right in. Perhaps I’m in denial, or perhaps they were designed this way for a reason, and they are perfect for this age and time.

Repetitive Behaviors
These are terrible to watch as a mother. You worry, you wonder, you hope, but hey then you realize how useful repetitive behaviors are on this age and era. Have courage my fellow worried mother of one or more of these little gifted darlings. I worried too until I realized how repetitive the “01 01 10 00” world of computing is. I also worried about the excessive use of video games yet later found out gamers make the best surgeons in the robotic world. My son started with an obsession with circles, but then it turned into an obsession with planets, stars, and black holes. You see, this kids obsession with circles is an asset, and it may lead us to a better understanding of our universe one day. What is your little darling’s repetitive behavior? Believe me; it has a purpose.

I don’t know if all kids with Autism have allergies, but all the ones I know have them. Mine does too. I took him to his allergist with so many questions about the reasons for his many problems with animals and the environment. It was such a strange appointment. The doctor gave me a list of things that I needed to change at my house and specifically in my son’s bedroom to lessen his allergic reactions to dust, pollen, mold, dust mites, etc. The doctor said to me: make everything synthetic! Everything waterproof! Everything sterile! No warm bodied animals! Does this sound like what you would see in a spaceship, or am I going crazy from stress and lack of fresh –full of allergens – air? I went shopping right away to “flip” his environment, but as I shopped, I realized how synthetic his world would be. This experience was going against the granola “wana be” mom I always believed I was. Then I pushed through my beliefs and purchased the waterproof pillowcases for my new sterile house, bought a dehumidifier, and put my desire to give him a dog for Christmas in the recycling bin. I still believe having allergies is part of being “more evolved”, and that it is an asset to have a hyperactive immune system in the future world I have imagined for him; I’m just sad about the dog part.

I could go on and on with the list of things that make me wonder if evolution has made our kids stronger and better prepared than we think. Reproduction has become a lab experiment, teaching is automated, human interaction cut by the minute, and even the way people are learning to accept and admire autism in TV shows full of Autistic roles (The Big Bang Theory, The Good Doctor, Atypical, etc.). Where is our world going? Maybe we have worried too much.

It has been many years of evolution, and we have many more ahead, but why do we need to try to change perfection? Kids with autism have tremendous challenges, but also tremendous abilities; it’s perhaps because they are too evolved for this current world that they have challenges. Maybe they are here too early for what it’s happening right now, but as time goes by, we will realize that perhaps the spectrum of evolution was always right, and it’s the rest of the world that needs therapy to adapt for what is coming not our perfectly evolved autistic kids.